Great Horned Owl!

At the huge Lake Country ArtWalk art show today I was talking to a photographer about the owls by my home. She talked about how challenging it can be to have the camera out and ready at the perfect moment. Then, back at home this afternoon I missed another perfect shot. It happened so quickly and I just watched in awe, as a huge Great Horned Owl took flight from a branch just up ahead of me from above my right shoulder just ahead to the trees off to the left high above.

I couldn’t find where it landed; the feathers are so well-matched to the colours of the branches, but it was up there somewhere! The image I am left thinking about is the large fanned tail, the widespread wings, lifting in an arc, over and gracefully upward. It didn’t go far, but with the sun through the branches up above, I could not see quite where it went. Still, as I head back into my studio, the movement, the light, the colours and the patterned feathers have inspired me in the work I am doing with an abstract painting tonight.


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