Abstract Acrylic Painting - Detail Section by Susan Burnham Neilson

Lake Country Under 100

After I decided to contribute work to the Lake Country Public Art Gallery’s annual UNDER 100 Exhibition and fundraiser, I needed to create some works of a much smaller size than I usually make.

I usually prefer the “breathing room” possible in larger works, but these needed to be under 100 square inches. I thought it would be fun to take it as a challenge, and make them all at once, puzzled together as a group, but with each able to stand alone in the end. I also took it as an opportunity to try varied experiments with processes in acrylics.

I primed three in black, three neutral grey, and three white, and then put them all together in a square framework to start painting an overall background design on all nine at once. I sometimes separated them to work on sections, and sometimes put them back together, not always knowing exactly where this was leading me, but I do love puzzles!

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