Two Deer in the Snow

Snow Falling from Treetops

Whitetail Neighbours

Yesterday from my studio window, every so often I could see avalanches of soft snow falling from treetops in the forest. It was very pretty, and I wanted some fresh air, so I decided to take my camera and go for a walk along the main pathway  in the woods.

I have hardly ever used the video setting on my little entry-level DSLR camera, but after taking a few still photos of the snowfall, usually missing the best timing,  I decided to try making a few video clips. While I was doing this, it turns out that someone else was quietly watching me. I turned around and noticed a familiar white-tailed doe.

The camera wasn’t very steady without a tripod, so I had to do my best to capture a few clips. Later I pieced together some bits in iMovie and added a music track.  It was fun to save a little record of this beautiful afternoon in the woods.

I am certainly no expert at filming, but I like to use this online journal to record some of the things that inspire creative processes in general. Sometimes it will be a painting or a print. Today it is a simple movie and a few photos to remember the beauty of the quiet day in the wonderful little piece of protected forest. Woodhaven reminds me each and every day how important it is to preserve important natural habitat areas for wildlife and for our own future.

Mama Deer


Little Deer

Instead of running away, this young deer came closer to take a look. She seemed mildly interested in seeing what I was doing. Then she went back to nibbling on leaves.

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