Mokuhanga Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

We just arrived back in Kelowna after a quick road trip to Portland. I had a last minute opportunity to attend a Mokuhanga Japanese woodblock print workshop at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, taught by April Vollmer, author of the new Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop book, released last August.

I plan to finish up my little test prints back home in my own studio. It was a terrific workshop! Now that I have had some experience in person to get started with some basics, the book will also be incredibly helpful as a reference.

I saw some wonderful artwork on display in Portland, met a lot of kind and interesting people, got lost a few times, read a lot of maps to navigate through new places, picked up a couple of great books at Powell’s Bookstore, and ate some truly incredible food!


Canadian painter and mixed-media artist, Susan Neilson is fascinated by natural geometry in micro and macro worlds. Precise realism, calm energy and intuitive abstraction combine in her art. The Pacific Northwest and parks of the British Columbia Interior inspire her current work. She is interested in biomorphic forms and patterns connecting all living systems, as well as the interface between wild and cultivated environments.

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