Changes and Updates

A lot has happened since the last blog post on this site! Today’s note is just a quick update.

The 2020 year has been a time for personal art explorations and some changes in focus at Forest House Studio.

For Neilson, a new International artist’s residency was postponed, as well as some exhibition opportunities, and in the studio there have been some significant changes. Like so many others, we have been adapting to new challenges and doing our best to find the silver lining while navigating challenging times.

One little highlight this spring was creating a short video to contribute to the KIRA Creative Quarantine series, (links below), but there have also been many other projects happening in the studio.

Blog posts (Neilson’s Studio Notes on this site) were not added during the 2020 spring season, but there was time for updates on Instagram now and then. You are welcome to check out some studio highlights on Instagram,

Starting in mid-September, (instead of writing blog posts) a news update will be sent out to subscribers once each month.  You are welcome to sign up for news and previews, from the contact page.

There were some technical challenges with home video set-up, time limitations, and quarantine preventing us from recruiting camera assistants. Still, we had some fun on a Friday, painting outdoors in the sunshine!

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