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Okanagan Art and Nature Club

Try something new!

You are invited to join the international green sketching movement.

Experience simple joy and meditative moments in nature at our doorsteps.

Let’s help each other with the process. . .

Here is a five minute introduction to the Open Window Sketch Group, an art and nature club in Kelowna, British Columbia. This was created for a Friends of Woodhaven conservation group community meeting  in late February 2021. There is still time to sign up for this free project.

We will support each other to get outside and try nature journaling this spring!

THE OPEN WINDOW SKETCH CLUB - A project with the Friends of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Society

Have you ever thought of starting a nature journal, or helping a child to do the same?

Bring a friend, mentor a child, or join on your own . . .


Use the link button below, to sign up.  Full access to weekly prompts this spring, along with the March, April and May  short online Sunday meet-up sessions are free to members of the Friends of Woodhaven Conservancy Group. New members are always welcome for this little conservation group and the registration cost is minimal ($10 for individuals or $15 for families.) Sign up at the friendsofwoodhaven.ca

A meeting link plus an introduction with be sent out to subscribed members on March 5th. Then we will start with our March 7th online meet-up (30 minutes at 9:30 a.m. with a follow-up at 4:00 p.m.). We will share a few ideas, tips, inspirations and starting points. People will have time to go exploring separately wherever we live, returning later to tell others about our discoveries. You will be invited, but never pressured, to share your progress. (A link will be provided, and Zoom is free to download for the meeting. Contact us if you need assistance. )

Prompts and tips will be shared weekly for three months, along with our short online meetings March 7th, April 11 and May 2. 

It is okay to start simply. Other supplies are optional. We will all be able to share tips about favourite supplies at a later time.

Optional: Bring a child along if you like! This is an intergenerational art and nature journaling collective. The club is open to people of all ages who want to see the world through fresh eyes.

We are here to share interests and support each other. Artists, naturalists, scientists, writers, photographers and other experts are very welcome, but you don’t already need any of these skills to join our group.


Our group is centred around the Central Okanagan Regional District parkland of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, but it is open to anyone with interests in nature, art and conservation.

You are invited!

Online sessions are in March, April and May 2021. New members may join in at any time.

Sign up to receive information and a registration link.

SIGN UP - Woodhaven RSVP Link
Thank you for signing up for the introductory OPEN WINDOW SKETCH CLUB art and nature journal  meeting and related club news updates! Unsubscribe at any time  – Thanks! Susan Neilson

New in March and April 2021!

A private  Facebook group is starting in March for sharing interests in art & nature for the Okanagan region, and there will also be an Instagram Page or a group challenge ready for April.

Open Window Sketches - Facebook Group


Notice & celebrate !  

One dot • one line • one drawing • one page • one leaf • one blade of grass • one quiet moment for the day • • •

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