Art & Nature Sketch Prompts: Mindful daily nature drawing practice

Open Window Sketches – Daily Nature Drawing Inspiration Prompts

A sketchbook can be a place to record initial intentions, responses, observations, questions, stories, memories, and ideas for next time.
This prompt series considers sources for inspiration everywhere along the way on your walk or out the window.
Each person might have completely different ways to respond . . .  line drawings, scribble sketches, quick watercolour studies, written notes, or just quiet contemplation. . .

Starting points for mindful daily nature drawing.

Look up!

What is happening today?

Notice cloud formations, shapes, . . . . sunlight, . . . . . . . . . . . . . colours, shadows, mood of the day

Look Down

Signs of life, patterns at your feet

Animal tracks, leaves, seedpods, signs of growth and renewal . . .

Watch for Changes

Sunlight and Shadows

Try heading out to sketch at different times of day or in the early evening, if you can

Curated Collections!

We can leave visual gifts for the next person along the path, or arrange a few tiny treasures to draw

Look for Patterns

Try framing to view just a small section

Notice symmetry, asymmetry, repetition, growth, spirals . . .


Faces, figures and connections

Do you ever see faces, figures and families in natural forms?

Pick and Choose

Any of these prompts might start something in motion, even just as reminders for sketchbooks or just for a moment of simple joy in nature.

When you sit down to focus, there are many ways to record your moment:

Mini landscapes, thoughtful contour line drawings (one hand or both!), gesture sketches, simple diagrams, memory doodles with just key features, quick colour palette studies, mood paintings, field notes, and more . . . 

Sometimes a prompt can just kickstart a process for daily nature drawing. Once you head out with a sketchbook, it could lead you to something completely different. It really is all about the process, following curiosity, noticing what you notice, just for you!

How can we support and inspire each other?

Let me know. . .

  • Would you like opportunities to share examples of your own process, your tips, or interesting small discoveries?
  • Would you like resource tips for Okanagan wildlife or local hikes?

A new Facebook group has just opened, for people interested in seeing and sharing prompts, inspirations, hiking location tips, and art/nature images. You are invited to join us!

More Ideas

If you missed last week’s prompts, you are welcome check out the Zen of Seeing page for a few more ideas.


  • Bravo. You’ve inspired me to try something I’ve always wanted to do. An illustrated fly fishing journal. I’m in the backcountry often. I look all around voraciously. Part of fishing is studying the environs intimately. I write a diary of location, water, weather, aquatic life, fly patterns, etc… why not add a couple small sketches to one side of page. Going to acquire a ringed sketch book ASAP. THANKS Sue. I’ll let you know if it happens. 👍❤️

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