Susan Burnham Neilson

Susan Burnham Neilson paints strong elegant abstract, poetic and figurative compositions with oils and alkyds or acrylics on canvas or linen. She also does mixed-media work, printmaking, life drawings, sculptural work and illustrations. 

Forest House Studio was built in 2014. It backs onto the unique protected Central Okanagan Regional District parkland of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy.

Neilson studied Fine Arts at McMaster University, and then secondary school education with specializations in art and industrial arts at the University of Toronto. She continued in lithography at McMaster as well as with further professional training as an art education specialist at the University of Toronto. Elementary education, English literature, library and technology studies were completed at York University, the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia.

Susan now divides her time between teaching and working as an artist. Her work is very personal, reflective and intuitive;  shaped by materials and creative processes as she works.

Inspirations come from music and literature, and from observing connections between arts, sciences and mathematics; but most importantly, always from nature.


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