Lifelines – Series 1

Wild Survivors Group 1 – Live Edge Wood

Meeting You

Mixed Media Project – Wild Survivors Series

Lifelines #1

  • Size (h w d): 58 x 13.5 x 12 in
  • Medium: Oil on Live Edge Cedar – with wood and metal stand
  • Creation Date: July, 2020

This study of a spotted fawn was inspired by a whitetail family visiting just outside the studio. This was painted in translucent layers emerging from the woodgrain. These gentle creatures are well adapted to their surroundings and light on their feet, so they will see you before you notice that they are watching you.

This is the first of a series about wild survivors, especially families.  All of these will be painted into natural wood grain, some on cradled panels and others on live edge salvaged wood.

Wild Geese

Mixed Media Project – Lifelines Wild Survivors Series

Wild Geese

  • Size (h w d): 11 x 37 x 2 in
  • Medium: Oil on Live Edge Pine with pure aluminum metal leafing
  • Creation Date: Work in Progress – unfinished

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