Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas, by Susan Burnham Neilson
Acrylic paint textures, experimenting with layering of stripes and cells. One of nine sections from a linked grid.
Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas, by Susan Burnham Neilson

Nexus Series

Acrylic on Canvas
9  sections, 8″ x 8″ each

The word Nexus can refers to central connections that link things together.  In cell biology, the nexus refers to something that helps parts to communicate.

This little group of paintings was first inspired by images under the microscope. Then it became a puzzle connecting sections and building layers.

Creating these paintings was like playing a game with cut stencils and layers of paint. It was interesting to block out shapes for clean sharp edges, while still loosely applying globs of paint.

Link here for more information about this project and about the Under 100 Show at Lake Country Art Gallery

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