Outside the Circle

Seeds of Change Series – Group 4

Watercolour on cradled Ampersand Aquabord Panel

Four 9″ x 12″ panels  (x  1″depth)
Row of 4 from a collection of 23 sections.

by Susan Neilson

Outside the Circle (Argentine Ovenbird) available as a single, or along with the Mock Orange group of three. This group links in with the full Kingsbrae Residency Project, as a part of the SEEDS OF CHANGE theme.

This bird looks from the outer right corner. It has much in common with the other ovenbirds, but it lives far away in the southern hemisphere. Furnarius rufus is the national bird of Argentina.

Part of the Kingsbrae (KIRA) 2019 June Residency Project 

© 2006 - 2021 Susan Burnham Neilson

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