Ovenbird Weavers

Seeds of Change Series – Group 1

Watercolour on cradled Ampersand Aquabord Panel

Four 12″ x 12″ panels  (x  1″depth)
Circle of 4 from a collection of 23 sections.

by Susan Neilson

In Robert Frost’s poetry, the call of the Oven Bird signifies the change of seasons and the passage of time.

The leafy circle was inspired by Neilson’s sketchbook drawings of new mock orange branches in the spring.

Call of the Ovenbird

“Tea-cher, tea-cher, tea-cher, T . . .”

Part of the Kingsbrae (KIRA) 2019 June Residency Project 

© 2006 - 2019 Susan Burnham Neilson