Between Memory and Promise

This painting started with an idea about regeneration and life cycles. It was the third painting in a series about love, loss, renewal and letting go. Inspiration was found in poetry, music and in observations of natural forms.

Through the process of painting, the artist responded to personal experiences and emotions. She thought about healing, rebuilding, inheritance and legacy; building a composition with circles, coils, DNA strands, and the colour red for seeds of new life.

Most of Neilson’s recent paintings and prints are lyrical or poetic abstracts. She is attracted to life’s geometry, unfurling fronds, hidden order in disorder, and the stubborn persistence of nature.

Between Memory and Promise was created for an exhibit at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art in Kelowna from September 3rd to 19th, 2015,  a juried show in support of the Central Okanagan Hospice Association.

The theme of “Expressions of Death: dying, grief and life after” opened conversations about topics we often avoid; to reduce fear about death, which is inevitable for all of us.
Kelowna Daily Courier – News

Neilson’s Side Note on Inspirations

“I started the composition plan and underpainting in rich dark earth brown colours. Then blue entered into another layer and one thing led to another. Halfway through the project I started listening (many times over) to Katie Melua singing Deep Purple. I was not specifically illustrating the song at all, but I was inspired by the mood and by Melua’s voice. Music can influence visual art, without necessarily knowing exactly how to describe what changes in the process.”  

Deep Purple, written by Peter De Rose and Mitchell Parish,  is on Katie Melua’s 2008 CD “B-Sides-The Tracks that Got Away.”  I saved it to one of my favourite Spotify playlists. 

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