Birds, Bugs and Blooms

Seeds of Change

Botanical Celebrations 


Series 2 · Birds, Bugs and Blooms

Translucent watercolours on clay-primed museum panels
from Forest House Studio

by Susan Neilson  ·  Canadian Artist

Kingsbrae International Residence for the Arts 2019:  Botanical Celebrations and the Seeds of Change Project


In June 2019 I attended the Kingsbrae International Artists’ Residency, in St. Andrews New Brunswick. I believe that a residency is a perfect opportunity for challenges and learning, so I prepared by ordering supplies to try new media. Then I prepared two centre panels for a composition that could have other panels added later at the residency. The central hummingbird started it off, inspired by my garden, and by a drawing in my sketchbook. My goal was to try new approaches while deepening my explorations of nature, biophilia effects, and biomorphic compositions. I started with botanical studies while I developed familiarity with the transparent media on a clay surface that absorbs colour like fresco.

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The call to artists opens in the fall and closes early December. Artists find out by February! 

The Kingsbrae Arts Centre has also posted this article directly on their own new website: KIRA


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