Circle Songs

Natural Geometry Collection

Paintings that celebrate life cycles in the forest and garden

Series 1 · Natural Geometry · Selected Examples

from Forest House Studio

by Susan Neilson  ·  Canadian Artist

Natural Geometry:  Circles, Spirals and Connections


Neilson’s paintings integrate realism in details with natural geometry and symbolism in compositions. This group shows a particular interest in circle or spiral designs and the Fibonacci sequence found over and over again in nature.

Micro and Macro Worlds

Big and small, everything weaves together and we all depend on connections. Balance in nature is intricate, subtle and fascinating.

Cropped Detail Section of Painting - The Lookout
Forest Gate Mandala
Even the Sparrow III
Endangered Screech Owlets
Detail section from Fifth Window painting, showing fledgling bluebirds
Between Memory and Wish - Abstract Oil Painting
Even the Sparrow
Close up section showing tiny snail by a cedar leaf
What is the Biophilia Effect?

“the passionate love of life and of all that is alive… ”

Eric Fromm   (Social Psychologist and Philosopher)

Art for Conservation

Living slowly, next to a protected regional park in British Columbia, Neilson sees endangered owls and Pacific blue tailed skinks right in her own backyard. She admires the persistent survivors in the forest, in gardens, in orchards and in cities. Biophilia is essential for community sustainability and personal happiness.

Our understanding of the importance of environmental conservation becomes increasingly important, the more we notice and care about our place in the natural world.

At Forest House Studio, Neilson is grateful to be able to spend time in nature and to share the experience through her art.

Biophilia is

“the sudden awareness of the citizenry of all things within one world.”

Mary Oliver  (American Poet)

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