New Series

Current Work

Recent work in the studio includes this series entitled “Lifelines.”

The first of these are painted with translucent oils  on natural wood surfaces, inspired by the wood grain.

These are portraits of wild survivors at the edge of the forest, especially families, young and old.

For 2021, other related “Lifelines” projects are also in the works, exploring more woods, other natural materials, and a mix of forest inspirations.

Live-Edge Pieces

Link from gallery photos for more information about projects.

Mini Paintings

Samples from a set of small backyard Okanagan wildlife portraits

After painting demo woodgrain pieces on live-edge wood in the summer, it was time to try some kiln-dried panels. Each piece was sealed with layers of oil and alkyd, fat over lean, then the paintings were varnished with Gamblin Satin GamVar artists’ archival picture varnish.


These are samples of the twelve miniature oil paintings that all went to new homes before Christmas. Two were purchased directly from the studio, but most went to the Lake Country Art Gallery annual U100 annual pre-Christmas fundraising exhibition.

A new woodgrain art series is currently in progress. After preparing the wood, layers of artists’ transparent oil paint glazes are built up slowly over time, in between work on larger art projects. There are always lots of unfinished projects around, but then they are sometimes all finished at almost the same time!

Reference Photo Credits

The mini series turned out to be a great project for learning about characteristic features of a variety of local small wildlife. I referred to some of  my own photos and to my sketchbooks, but I also learned from other people.

Thank you to the following local birdwatchers and photographers for help with species I.D. information and for kind permission to access reference photos: Keith Richardson, Jim Sedgwick,  Jim Burnham, and Pat Burnham . Thanks to all of you!